The 2010 Annual Scientific Meeting was held on 30th October at the Royal College of Physicians in Edinburgh with a theme of "High Risk Travellers". The programme included presentations on the following topics:

  • Travelling with pre-existing condition: Cardiovascular, and diabetes
  • The elderly traveller
  • The Immunosupressed, the Asplenic, and the Pregnant traveller
  • Workshops on equipment for tropical travel and case studies from wilderness and high altitude travel
  • Cold Injury and High Altitude Medicine

and a debate "Do travel clinics have the necessary expertise to prepare those planning more adventurous activities or having special medical needs".

The presentations on travellers with cardiovascular problems and diabetic travellers have been combined into a single paper which may be accessed free of charge by members in the Publication Downloads section of the Member Area. It is available for purchase by non-members on the Publications page of this website. Its title is "Travellers at risk - Advising the Cardiac and Diabetic Traveller".