Adrienne Willcox - PhD; MA (Ed); BSc(Hons); RN; Registered nurse teacher; Lic.Ac; Fellow HEA; MFTM RCPS (Glasgow).

Adrienne Willcox’s work for A Talent 4 Health Ltd combines educational, authoring, consultancy and clinical practice. She is also a director of Health Team Ltd, researching and developing a clinical decision-making tool for the safe selection of travel vaccines and anti-malarial drugs and a guided consultation app for pre-travel health appointments. It is for this work that Adrienne was awarded RCN Publishing e-health Nurse of the Year 2013.

Adrienne nursed people with tropical and travel-related illnesses on a specialist infectious diseases unit, and has set up private and NHS travel health clinics for several organisations.

Her previous roles include working for the Nursing and Midwifery Council, the NHS Cancer Screening Programme and health departments in several UK universities. As a Senior Fellow working for the Royal College of Nursing, Adrienne advised the Welsh Assembly on responding to influenza pandemics in addition to her e-health role and work with publishing and public broadcasting media on health and infectious disease issues.

She has a PhD in Health Sciences (Travel Health) from the University of Warwick Medical School, and is the first nurse to be awarded a research grant from the ISTM.

As well as serving on the executive committee of the BGTHA, Adrienne is an elected member of the ISTM research committee. She is an honorary Visiting Scholar at the University of the West of England.