Alys joined the world of travel health in 2011 having previously spent a year and a half in a busy inner-city A and E department in Manchester post-qualifying as a nurse.

She was the Lead Travel Health Nurse at the local Nomad specialist travel clinic in Manchester for many years, and enjoys travel health so much that she has since become the Education Lead for the very same company. Before Alys became a nurse she was an adult education lecturer in Psychology. She has a post-compulsory PGCE and publications in teaching and psychology journals. She has travelled to South Africa, South America and many parts of South East Asia, so she has enjoyed pulling all these experiences together into her current role.

In between being a mum to two small children, Alys’s role involves writing training programs, organising training plans for new clinicians, writing newsletters, heading the training team, and always looking for new learning opportunities for everyone at work. She wants all her colleagues to love their job (and also believes it is very hard not to when one works in Travel Health) and tries to ensure everyone is confident enough in their abilities to go home each day feeling satisfied that they are the best clinician they can be.

Alys enjoys writing and regularly writes for publications such as Travelwise, the BGTHA journal, which she now co-edits. She also enjoys providing freelance teaching in Travel Health, and also phlebotomy, from time to time. Alys has spoken at large conferences in the past and has enjoyed delivering training to many practice nurses and other health professionals over the years.