Travel and Health in Older People

Travel and Health in Older People

The ageing process adds to the health hazards of international travel. This book is a practical guide for travel health professionals, family doctors, practice nurses and pharmacists who have consultations with older world travellers. It covers risk assessment and management, travel illness, prevention and prophylaxis and the effect of ageing and pre-existing disease on travel related illness. Transportation, high risk group care, the disabled, infirm and the adventurous elderly traveller are considered. For the consultant and carer there is a wealth of pragmatic information and research based advice. It is a definitive resource which will aid those involved in the travel health field to ensure that elderly world travellers can journey afar and return in good health.


Publisher: IMCI Publications


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“Travel and Health in Older People”.  Iain B. McIntosh


This is the second edition of this paper-back book which has been rewritten with much expanded content and extensive references. Guest authors have contributed to chapters on infection, physical and psychological illness, cardiac and diabetic disease, travel related medications and adventure travel. A comprehensive definitive guide on disease, illness, trauma, health risk, prevention and prophylactics, this book is an invaluable aid to doctors, nurses, pharmacists and all those working in clinics and the travel health field. Older travellers account for a large proportion of those cruising the oceans, exploring exotic and remote destinations and many suffer from travel related illness en route, at destination or on return. The effects of international travel-induced illness and prophylactics on this cohort are poorly researched and addressed in the literature and this book is a rare contribution intended to assist older people to travel the world and return home in good health.
The introductory chapter considers physiological changes that come with ageing and their impact on the older world traveller. These effects can make elderly individuals more vulnerable to recognised health risks associated with international journeys and residence abroad, particularly in developing parts of the world with poor hygienic conditions and local health care. There is a very useful chapter for those working in clinics with intending travellers in regard to risk assessment, specifically targeting the old and vulnerable. With consideration of many variables, it includes practical assessment tools. Following chapters deal with the effects of different modes of transportation and global relocation upon the traveller. Air travel is considered in depth, with risks from deep vein thrombosis, effect of pre-existing disease and hypoxia identified and suggestions for preventive measures to decrease risk. Land and sea travel get attention with an in-depth study of environmental travel induced illness and means of protection
Disabled travellers whether suffering from common arthritis or major infirmity receive little attention in travel health literature and this chapter considers their problems and needs and there is content on the psychologically disabled with travel associated phobias. Travel health insurance, and emergency health care is important for the elderly traveller, but rarely considered by the health professional and the topics are well covered.
A digital age printing production some of the illustrations lack clarity and the book would have benefitted from larger point size of script. The section on phobias should have drawn more attention to the use of cognitive behavioural techniques the therapy, however the book is a lone professional publication considering the health of older travellers and is very good value for money
This book does provide comprehensive coverage of conditions that relate to a sizeable proportion of the travelling public and merits a place in the travel clinic library and moderately priced, deserves to be a companion aide memoire for all those working with elderly potential world travellers.




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