David has always been interested in travelling and living overseas. He has lived in China and South Korea, where he taught English as a foreign language. Upon returning to the UK he decided to change to a career in healthcare and so started working in community pharmacy, where his interest in travel health began. To move forward in his career he trained to be a nurse through the postgraduate route offered by City, University of London. Whilst training to be a nurse at UCLH David was able to arrange a placement with the Hospital for Tropical Disease, during which he completed the BGTHA ABC of travel health course. Soon after qualifying he moved into GP nursing and working part-time in a travel clinic in London. As part of a GP nurse university module he completed two days of face-to-face travel health training. At the end of 2019 David moved into travel health full time. As part of this new job he competed the 2-day TREC course. David hopes to study for a travel health diploma in the next few years whilst also starting to be more active within the wider travel-health community through this supporting role in the BGTHA.