Emley is an Independent Travel Health Specialist Nurse Trainer. She works for several teaching companies running Travel Health Introduction and Update courses for nurses, pharmacists and doctors. She also manages the in-house Travel Health training programme for Nomad, where she continues in clinical practice. Emley has a background in Accident & Emergency nursing and, due to an interest in Aid & Humanitarian work, undertook the Diploma in Tropical Nursing (LSHTM) and a Masters in Medical Anthropology (Brunel) in 2006/7.  Emley’s interests turned to Travel Health after getting jobs at Nomad and InterHealth clinics in London where she gained experience of complex travellers. Emley became increasingly involved in Travel Health teaching, so undertook the Diploma in Travel Medicine at the Royal College of Physicians & Surgeons (Glasgow) in 2012. She won the Cameron Lockie prize and then took the further examination to become a Member of their Faculty of Travel Medicine (FTM). Emley has an ongoing relationship with the FTM as a speaker, supervisor and examiner. Emley has always enjoyed travelling, she grew up in Hong Kong and has lived in Australia and India in addition to the UK.