Having recently completed 3 years as a Travel Health & Immunisation Nurse Specialist, I am currently developing a sabbatical opportunity to examine and publish geographically contextual travel health advice through the medium of video and social media.  This is a project likely to consume 3 - 4 years and I believe would neatly dovetail with a role on the BGTHA Executive Committee.  

In general terms my aims are promotion of knowledge together with the tools and information necessary to provide apposite travel health guidance set against the background of dynamic travel health threats.  In my experience the combination of education, access to up-to-date information and qualified expertise are the 3 key aspects for effective travel health. 

Travel Health & Immunisation specialist nurse with additional current expertise of immunosuppressed traveller needs (including solid organ transplant recipients and those living with HIV) together with the assessment of complex risks and requirements of the humanitarian aid community.  Attained the Diploma of Travel Medicine from the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons, Glasgow, in 2016 and gained full Membership of the Faculty of Travel Medicine (MFTM) later that year.  Academic activity continues with the Faculty as both a serving member of the MFTM examination panel and representative speaker.

An early professional focus as an Operating Theatre Sister (burns & plastic surgery) was followed by expeditionary medicine roles with Raleigh International in South America and an independent expedition to East Africa.  In turn, these experiences led to commissioning as a Senior Nursing Officer in the Royal Air Force with extensive exposure to benign and hazardous environments globally, work alongside multinational military forces and charitable aid agencies, aeromedical evacuation missions and the provision of primary medical care to local populations (including Afghanistan, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Iraq, Pakistan and Uganda) during circumstances exacerbated by conflict and disaster.

Subsequent progression through the practice nursing career pathway has been influenced by these foundations, which have underpinned and encouraged continued development of travel medicine knowledge and proficiency to the present day.