Max is currently the Lead Travel Medicine Nurse for a travel assistance company helping 20,000 UK and Irish tourists a year.  He has a keen interest in pursuing and furthering his career in travel health, and is currently looking into education options to facilitate professional development in this area.

Max was first employed by the NHS in 2002. He has 15 years’ experience in a variety of roles within the NHS.  Max completed his nurse training at the University of Brighton in 2010 and thereafter worked in Accident and Emergency at Tunbridge Wells Hospital.

In 2012, Max moved into the role of Senior Nurse at Kings College Hospital in London in the Accident and Emergency department, where he developed key skills in trauma and emergency care, and developed his interest in educating fellow colleagues and students.

In 2015, Max moved to primary care in a Practice Nurse position.  It was in this role that he developed a keen interest in travel health and knew this was the direction in which he wanted his career to go.  Max has developed his knowledge both by attending NaThNac and RCN courses, and by improving and refining his practical skills, where after his role progressed to include managing a travel clinic for a GP practice.

In early 2018, Max was appointed as Medical Advisor where he has developed his role and is now the Lead Travel Medicine Nurse.  In this role, Max has focussed on educating and training staff in how to manage rabies and other diseases along with developing a wide range of clinical and operational guidelines.

Max thoroughly enjoys the complexities and challenges that travel health presents.  He enjoys problem solving, as well as learning from and utilising his professional experiences to expand his knowledge in order to further educate colleagues, and aid them in providing the correct advice and assistance in travel health.