NaTHNaC have launched a brand new website to serve both healthcare professionals advising travellers and travellers from the UK.....

Visit the site here

Dr Buddha Basnyat, who is well known to many BGTHA members, lives and works in Kathmandu. Here is a link to his recent blog.

The world has been shocked and horrified to hear of the scale of injury, death and destruction following the recent earthquake in Nepal, one of the poorest countries in the world. We hope to keep members up to date with the situation there and we would like to encourage you to contribute to both the immediate disaster appeal and the need for long term help and reconstruction that will follow. The Disasters Emergency Committee has launched an appeal at to help with the immediate needs. One of the hospitals involved in treating the many injured is the Patan Hospital which would welcome contributions to help with its work. You can donate to the hospital by clicking here.

Community Action Nepal is a charity run by the climber Doug Scott which works in some of the remote areas that have been worst hit and will be involved in long term health and reconstruction projects. Their contributions page can be found here.

The people of Nepal are well known for the welcome, friendship and kindness that they show to visitors to their country. Now is the time for us to return some of that kindness in their time of need.

The International Red Cross is trying to reunite families and friends and has lists of those who are reported as still alive and those who are still reported as missing. Click here for more information.