An e-learning course on the basics for travel health advisors will be launched on the 18th November 2017.

The course can be seen as an introduction or as a refresher for doctors, nurses and pharmacists who may not wish or be able to undertake other training courses. It can be undertaken in your own time and at your own pace wherever a computer, tablet or smartphone is available.

It consists of 10 “mini-courses” which can be undertaken in any order. These cover Information gathering; Risk Assessment; Prevention of Illness in Travellers including Vaccinations and Malaria Prophylaxis; Travellers with Special Needs; Managing Illness Abroad and on Return, Setting up and Running a Travel Clinic both in the NHS and privately.

Each mini-course contains self-assessment questions with immediate feedback on the answers.

A certificate is available on completion for annual appraisals and revalidation purposes. Continuing professional development accreditation for those wishing this has been applied for through the Faculty of Travel Medicine at the RCP&S Glasgow.

Initial discounted course fee £70  (a further reduction is available for BGTHA members and for groups of 3 or more members of the same clinical team)
We acknowledge an Independent Educational Award from Glaxo Smith Klein for development of the software on which this course is base.

Watch this space for more details.

As of today, the new 2017 guidelines, including updating country recommendations following this year’s review, are now available on

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