Becky is an independent Travel Health Specialist Nurse. She completed the Diploma in Travel Medicine in 2006 (RCGPG), is an associate member of the Faculty of Travel Medicine and Editor of the BGTHA Journal.

Becky started her career in travel medicine in 2000 when her interest was sparked after a few years of independent travel across the globe. She experienced first-hand many tropical diseases such as dengue, Giardia, dysentery, bed bugs and tropical ulcers as a result of naivety and no pre-travel health consultation or advice. She has extensive experience of working in busy travel clinics and clinic management as well as education. She has worked in a management role for many years and has previously specialised in clinical policy and travel health education. She was the Head Nurse, then Senior Clinical Nurse Specialist for Nomad Travel Clinics for 16 years. She has devised and implemented an in house certified and assessed training programme for Travel Health and has created interactive E-Learning modules in travel medicine. Becky has and continues to develop training programmes for Nurses and Pharmacists working in Travel health and continues to regularly deliver lectures to health care professionals working in immunisation and travel health.

She writes and reviews PGDs for a large network of private travel clinics and supports specialised software used in guided travel health consultations for a major pharmaceutical company.

Becky still loves to travel where possible and has backpacked in both Sri Lanka and Southern Vietnam with her 2 young children in recent years.