Harnek has been a registered Pharmacist since 1999. Early in his career he successfully built a chain of Community Pharmacies with a focussed approach of implementing enhanced and additional services in a changing primary care environment.

He founded a tech start up and created revolutionary clinical-decision-support software for vaccinations and associated products

Travel Vaccination App; A fully integrated and easy to use App which integrates extensive clinical information to make “intelligent” recommendations for diseases that can be protected against with vaccines and antimalarials. Introduced in the UK in March 2014 under an exclusive arrangement with a leading pharmacy multiple – improving accessibility, quality and efficiency of travel health services.

knowmalaria®; A specific version of the App dedicated to antimalarials and the first to pioneer electronic private prescriptions. Launched in the UK in 2012 as an online antimalarial service and rapidly adopted by a number of leading pharmacy chains to enable provision of full in-store antimalarial services.


Harnek continues to support a pre-travel health service with both clinical and technical solutions for complex scenarios