Jane Wilson-Howarth’s first travel health experience was longer ago than she cares to admit: during a six-month overland expedition to Nepal she collected invertebrates and bat blood, and also caught histoplasmosis. The experience showed her how important the communication of accurate health information can be. She has degrees in zoology, parasitology and medicine and post graduate diplomas in paediatrics and reproductive health. Special interests include insect vectors, animal reservoirs of human disease and cave biology.

She has served as a partner in general practice in East Anglia for 15 years and has worked on mosquito ecology, leprosy screening, schistosomiasis, water supply and sanitation programmes, safe motherhood and child survival projects as well as clinical mentoring and monitoring of clinical standards in Nepal, Madagascar, Peru, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh and India. She also helped provide clinical services for Syrian refugees in Greece.

She has written nine books, three of which are travel health guides and four are novels. She has contributed more than 200 travel health editorials to Wanderlust magazine, chapters in medical text books plus assorted articles for newspapers and journals and on-line sites.